Here comes Pancake Tuesday!

crepe pan montageHere at SuperNatural headquarters we love pancakes all year around. They really deserve to be included in your weekly menu and not just made once a year as a pre lenten dinner. All you need is flour, an egg, and (raw) milk or buttermilk. A quick whizz in a blender or mix up in a bowl with a big, wiry, manual hand whisk.

The best ones in our humble opinion are made in true Breton mode with buckwheat flour. Buckwheat despite its name is gluten free and is brilliant in this cold weather thanks to its bioflavonoid rutin which has blood warming properties and used to treat poor circulation and helps reduce high blood pressure. But you can also make the battter with wholegrain spelt flour or superfood GF teff flour or the white version of these flours although we recommend the wholegrain or brown versions over white. But it is your choice and it depends on how you like to eat them.

For fillings and toppings we love a raw mixed salad (lettuce, grated beetroot, carrot, cucumber and crunchy red pepper sticks) with plenty of dressing made from a mix of your favourite cold pressed virgin oils and apple cider vinegar, or crunchy toasted mixed seeds or try a tahini dressing. Any nut butter is amazing and if it’s for dessert mix with maple syrup and pure cocoa or cacao to make the most delicious choc filling.

The traditional lemon juice, a really good raw or manuka honey or orange juice and maple syrup with or without organic nitrate free bacon. Or try a good natural probiotic yogurt or cottage cheese flavoured with grated lemon or other natural flavours whatever you fancy maca or vanilla for example. Experiment, find new combinations and your own favourites.

Honestly, with the right ingredients and a pan – in our case Le Creuset crepe pan – you can’t go wrong! Pancakes for breakfast, lunch dinner or the lunchbox any day you like. Easy and very nutritious.

Delicious and nutritious, pancakes are a very easy versatile food whether you like them savoury or sweet.