A Super Valentine’s Weekend

The Food of Love

What we love about February is the fact that’s is officially the arrival of Spring – that beautiful, effervescent energy that brings growth and lighter, longer days


But we can’t overlook that February has a day dedicated to love slap bang in the middle. Of course at SuperNatural we believe that everyday should be Valentine’s Day in this respect. Love is the ultimate reality that pervades this universe of ours and makes our world go round but still St. Valentine’s Day February 14th is special for the intention behind it and to the fore of it!




Is there any practice less selfish? Is there any time less wasted? than preparing something nourishing and delicious for the people you love.  We think there’s no greater expression of it than taking the time to prepare and cook and share something wonderful for yourself and others and it certainly beats the overcrowded, cliched meal out . And of course, we have a few suggestions! Wildflower-peony-roses-plants-bouquets

But before you get original don’t throw out the banana with the banana skin. Some of those old traditional gifts are traditional for a reason and we still think flowers and chocolates are a welcome gesture that speaks Venus fluently – that is beauty, luxury and attention. Why not up the ante and choose handpicked and unique versions of both.

Urban-kitchen-foods-beauty-health-chocolate-benefits unique-products-dublin-supernatural Best-food-organic-dublin-super-market Raw-chocolate-health-benefits-organic-food

But if you think chocolate is the sexiest flavour we think you should explore the sultry side of the world’s most fragrant bean. Vanilla is for lovers and we recommend making your own creme brulee with the amazing organic eggs and raw milks available at our market vanilla essence or vanilla bean or pure ground vanilla powder. Vanilla is also very good for you, high in fibre and full of phytonutrients and a great hormone balancer and booster of serotonin.

It’s wonderful in savoury dishes too such as Vanilla-Balsamic Shrimp with Saffron-Basil Couscous.



Our fishmonger has any amount of delights such as scallops and mussels which are wonderful done with a top quality organic linguine or spaghetti and done in either a light tomato or creme sauce and generous sprinkle of fresh parsley or coriander. Accompanied by good organic white wine. 

And if you are more in the mood for providing a a lovely evening without the cooking then we suggest the splendid cheeseboard with gorgeous breads and crackers and fully homemade, hand prepared tapas such as Ambrosia’s Greek Foods and Franco’s Italian Deli provide, after all artichokes are aphrodisiacs and we need to pay Venus her due.

Of course it’s not all about food with us and we like to think that that a cycle down the lovely canal either on your own bikes or http://www.dublinbikes.ie/ is a romantic thing to do – providing your’e not battling a hurricane (though there are those people who adore stormy passion and then there’s others that love a battler!)


 The Canal cycle/walk at this time of year through to the beginning of summer is a place to be inspired by nature or just inspired full stop and bursting with what Pablo Neruda entitled one of his most romantic poems, What Spring Does with the Cherry Trees. Here’s the last verse for you as it’s so beautiful:

My words rained over you, stroking you.
A long time I have loved the sunned mother-of-pearl of your body.
I go so far as to think that you own the universe.
I will bring you happy flowers from the mountains, bluebells,
dark hazels, and rustic baskets of kisses.
I want
to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.


Another parting thought – if you’re a Dubliner then feel extra blessed because while other cities have the reputation of being the most romantic spots in the world Dublin can lay special claim to the title under the patronage of Valentine himself.

Dublin -Patron Saint of LOVE. 

Dublin is home to his relics in the busy city centre Whitefriar church and monastery. http://www.whitefriarstreetchurch.ie/shrines.html#Valentine

Anyone can go and visit his shrine and the intercessions book makes for heart opening reading with people writing their prayers and asking for intercessions and favours. Some are returning to express gratitude. They are from all the over the world and for many different reasons. It’s well worth a visit and you might like to go. Anytime of the year.