Amberline Wild, Foraged & Preserved Foods

Alicia Breslan who is originally from Poland is a wild food forager and the owner of Amberline her unique stall of wild edible food products. 


Alicia is an expert in picking, preserving, pickling and fermenting these delicious gifts of nature. Obviously new gourmet delights appear according to the season but because she also preserves them previous seasons’ offerings can be become pantry staples. None of these are ever out of fashion or season in your cupboard or fridge!

She has been making her award winning healthy preserves for nearly 8 years and with the help of her husband Seamus they have been foraging together, running the eco farm near Peatlands Park in Co Armagh and selling their produce in Belfast at St George’s Market, Folktown- Belfast, Comber, Monaghan and at SuperNatural-Dublin.

Special Ingredients make special products

Alicia uses ingredients that grow around us in our gardens and wilder places such as forests and glens. Regular stars in the line up include: Vitamin-C rich rosehips and fragrant rose petals, decongesting dandelions, powerful toners and expectorants such as elderberries, iron packed mushrooms, immunity boosting, seasonal delights such as wild garlic and many more wild edible plants and therapeutic foods like Amberline’s delicious, creamy probiotic goat’s milk kefir.

Gold taste award winning diabetic friendly jams and syrups.

Gold taste award winning diabetic friendly jams and syrups.


Sugar free and diabetic friendly

The sugar free range of preserves, syrups, cordials and jams have been gaining interest among a wide spectrum of customers including diabetics, both types I and II.  The products are diabetic friendly because she does not use any extra or processed and refined sugar in her preserves or ferments. Alicia eschews it for birch tree extract which is a naturally very low GI and calorie sweetener that also has a repairing and protective effect on teeth. This also makes all her produce suitable for young children, elderly people and anyone looking for that healthy alternative without  compromise on taste and quality – they contain at least 85% of fresh fruit in her jams, syrups are made from wide foraged and bio grown fruit juices. The green and red pesto has been a hit among their regular market customers too.

Surprising and inspired flavours

Apart from the healthy aspect of their preserves, there is the real deal of freshly picked, wild seasonal ingredients that are gently hand processed. As the seasons develop there are always new flavours and unusual combinations that have people asking for more and more. Probiotic raw cultured salads (kimchi, sauerkraut) pickled veggies and fermented drinks (kombucha, water and milk kefirs) provide good source of healthy bacteria keeping our gut happy, weight at bay and surprising taste buds with new flavours on weekly basis.

Chefs both celebrity and under the radar as well as customers use their produce – because it is local, honest, traceable and surprises with great flavours and taste. Try her syrups as toppings on yogurt, flavouring in ice-cream, a mix for alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks and cocktails as well as straight off the spoon as a tonic and medicine or a healthful addition of vitamins to your drinking water and wonderful all year round cordials! Experiment with these wonderful flavours and combinations of honest, natural food and be inspired by nature’s spirit. 

We hope you come and visit us soon at SuperNatural where we hope to inspire you with our Organic Nature.

SuperNatural, Be Inspired, Be Organic. Discover your highest nature.

SuperNatural, Be Inspired, Be Organic. Discover your highest nature.