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The Finest Olive Oil Straight from the Farm Press

An ancient olive tree on Lino’s Apulia Farm in Italy

The very best olive oils are first pressings and single estate and Lino Olivieri sells the very finest, extra virgin olive oil available in Dublin at his stand every Saturday. Direct from his own farm in Puglia, Italy, this exceptional quality olive oil has a full-bodied, buttery flavour with dashes of pepper and hints of almonds, wild herbs and vanilla.

An Irish-Italian Family Business

Olivieri’s Fine Italian Foods is an Irish Company with an Italian connection. In 1999 Lino arrived in Ireland for a 3 month English course, got involved with the Organic, Fairtrade and NGO’s movements and worked for Amnesty International’s Irish Section for nearly a decade. Eighteen years later he lives here still with his two beautiful Italian-Irish daughters, Florence and Sophia, his partner Lynn and her son Lucca. He divides his time between here and Italy on his family farm in the National Park of Gargano, Puglia, where he runs an agritourism farm in summer and makes olive oil in winter with his partner,

In 2010, he inherited his family’s olive grove and farm in South Italy, Apulia. The farm cultivates over 1,200 trees that exceed 200 years of age with the olives being cold stone pressed in the traditional manner thereby preserving all the natural goodness of the oil and its precious composition and flavour.

Lino’s Agriturismo Farm in the National Park of Gargano just 6km to the sea and 8km to Vieste.

Making olive oil is hard work, dependent on weather conditions and environmental factors such as plant pests in general and the specific ones like the olive oil fly. But the dedicated producers, nevertheless, return to their roots each winter, to make the oil and bring it back here to sell. A labour of love and a matter of artisanal pride.


Olivieri sells their oil in various sizes from 250ml, 500ml, 750 ml and 1L bottles to 3L & 5L tin drums.

Delicacies and Fine Foods

Olivieri also offer olives and almonds from their farm and Apulia, in addition to supplying hazelnuts from Piedmont and various kinds of pasta from Sicily, alongside a very fine range of Modena balsamic vinegar (also available in various sizes) Natura Equa coffee and a speciality Italian chocolate-hazelnut spread (zero hydrogenated veg oils) and chocolate bars range from 100% dark cacao to milk and some bars mixed with superfoods like baobab and pomegranate while others are sweetened with coconut nectar, all are organic and Fairtrade. 



If your question is “Where will you find the best olive oil in Ireland?” The answer is at SuperNatural, every Saturday! Don’t just take our word for it! Lino’s customers will testify to how unique and flavoursome his superior quality produce is:

“Fabulous coffee and olive oil. Have compared this olive oil to many others and it is the best!!!!” (Anna Gallagher)

“I’ve been a regular customer for years, and now I’d be lost without Lino’s top quality olive oil, olives and almonds! These are the highest quality products and at the right price. You really wouldn’t get this anywhere else.” (Dierdre)


He has also been featured regularly by food writers such as
for his dedication to his craft and his superb olive oil and products of the finest and highest quality and flavour.

If you’re interested in going and enjoying a dinner al fresco under the pergola! Click here for more information on holidays to his farm in Apulia

Visit Lino’s site for more Information and prices on his products www.Olivierisfineitalianfoods.com