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This is the chocolate you’ve been looking for. Forget all the claims of mass produced, commercially famous names. No matter what the claims or lineage, their ingredients tell the truth: milk, powdered milk, cheap commercial vegetable oils, soya and lots of refined confectioner’s sugar. A far cry from Linnaeus’ botanical classification of Theobroma meaning ‘Food of the Gods’ Urban Kitchen’s chocolates are a corrective and health remedy to the idea that chocolate is something to be treated with caution and only eaten occasionally. These extraordinary, completely fresh, handmade health superfood chocolates are for everyday nutrition, beauty and energy. Why? Well…

Raw-chocolates-for beauty-and -health

Chocolate-health-benefitsCocolat* is is made with just 3 100% completely natural plant-derived ingredients. To give you the complete energy, beauty and health food that is free from dairy, gluten, soy, artificial additives & preservatives, low in natural sugar and is total pleasure from beginning to end to eat!

Their distinctive and original flavours are taste explosions carefully crafted from fresh herbs, spices and botanicals adding more health and pleasure without false or alien ingredients. Each chocolate has its own unique, pure flavour with therapeutic health benefits and high in antioxidants. Urban Kitchen only use the highest quality, pure, ingredients in a number you can count on one hand.

Apricots-almond-chia-cocolatmaple-cinnamon-cocolatSuper-berry-chocolateIt’s true. Take out the usual CRAP (Caffeine, Refined sugar, Additives, Processing) that most chocolate producers destroy their cacao beans with and you have an entirely different food on your hands. The cacao bean is an amazing superfood rich in minerals (one of the highest sources of magnesium) and protein. This special food also combines synergistically with other potent botanical herbs for a highly energizing, nourishing food that reaches every cell of your body. Chocolate in its raw form mixed with therapeutic superfoods and botanicals isn’t ‘a treat’ or a ‘guilty pleasure’ or ‘an indulgence’ but a seriously nutritious everyday food.

Urban Kitchen’s Cocolat* benefits include:

  • high in antioxidantscocolat
  • high protein
  • protects your heart
  • theobromine for slow release, high energy
  • nourishes and protects your skin
  • magnesium powerhouse (one of the highest sources of all the foods)
  • calcium and iron
  • potent nutrients and minerals
  • menopausal treatment and relief
  • metabolic superfood
  • trytophan, increases serotonin

Urban Kitchen cocolat superfood health chocolates can be purchased by the piece or in selction boxes or custom packed to order. For the full range of flavours and more information check out their delicious website http://www.urbankitchenfoods.com or call in to SuperNatural where you can find them every Saturday and taste the range. You’ll eat chocolate in a whole new way and feel the benefits. We promise you.