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DSCN2839We are proud to supply raw, wild, artisan Irish honey. Our supplier is beekeeper Eamonn Magee, the secretary of the Irish Beekeepers Association. Real beekeeping has become a vitally important endeavour in encouraging the natural biodiversity of our planet. Real Irish honey is not heat extracted. The bees are not sugar fed and the honey is from pure single source hives. This means the honey is not blended from different sources. You can be assured that you are getting the true health benefits of honey which are to protect and strengthen our bodies immune systems, combat allergies, and aid digestion.

Real honey is also an anti-ageing food. Regarding allergies, local honey is an antidote to pollen based allergies. By taking the by-product of the local pollen, you are effectively taking the remedy to naturally immunise yourself.

But best of all it’s just delicious !!