Best Food Shopping Experience in Dublin

Rated The Best by The Experts

We really don’t want to brag but we are simply delighted to be listed as a best food shopping experience in Dublin by those absolute experts and diamond people at the This is a real accolade as is the best digital food magazine in the world! To swell our heads even further (or is that our stomachs, in this case?) It’s hot on the heels of being included in this great list of pioneers of minimal-zero waste, shopping in the Irish Times.

We Are Different 

The difference is that while we are an organic, farmers food market, we are also an alternative SuperValu, Super-Market – that is a SuperNatural organic food emporium. We are a one-stop-shop in terms of fish, meat, breads, groceries, fruit, vegetables, cheese, eggs, delicacies such as oils, fresh organic olives, raw cheeses, raw honeys, dairy, raw milks and probiotic kefirs and yogurts; patisserie, chocolates, raw vegan and gluten-free cakes, GF breads and finest and sugar free chocolates, wild foods and diabetic friendly syrups and elixirs, as well as the best cafe food and take away in the city.

The Future is Green

There is an emphasis on value and sustainability. We offer refills, zero waste products and package-free produce, most items can be ordered in bulk if you want plus you get to buy directly from the producers themselves. In this last respect, we are distinctly not like a supermarket but a SuperMarket! The future of them perhaps? We like to be hopeful.


Our aim: we are ‘the organic supermarket near me’ that you are searching for! We’re not only for buying your weekly or Saturday food shop either, but our cafe is also one of the best places to eat.

A Great Place to Eat

On a Saturday, our stalls sell beautiful produce that is easily assembled for a picnic at the indoor tables or the outdoor area when the weather is fine. Our cafe stalls Sunil’s Cafe and Korina Bakery produce freshly cooked authentic dishes using produce from the market and serving healthy food such as avocado toast with options of fried, organic eggs or sourdough artisan bread sandwiches with superfood salads, whey protein shakes and organic fresh juices.

Or have the finest Nepalese curries, (seriously the best curry in the city) samosas, noodles, lentil soup, bhajis and organic coffee and tea available in the city.

We’re a great place to meet new people, meet up with those you know, have breakfast, lunch, coffee, kick start new habits, learn about foods and recipes, hang out and if there’s anything, in particular, you’re looking for – ask us! We love to help.

We’re wheelchair accessible, family and dog-friendly too and very proud of the multinational and local diversity living in the area and travelling to us every week. Welcome one and all!

Welcome to the best and friendliest bio food market!

All in all, the take away is: great food and great service, prizing health, eco commerce, organic sustainability and quality and of course people, our customers, our community – you! This is what makes us “The go-to place” according to those with and we’d have to agree!

We are a Supervalue, organic weekly supermarket with a difference. We are SuperNatural!