Best market in Dublin

Get absolutely fresh, vibrant, organic produce with us directly from the grower! 

Best market in Dublin. Don’t take our word for it, read others. We’re delighted to see recently more articles discussing how your local organic market is not only a viable and better choice for your weekly shop than the supermarket but also a real alternative and sustainable food model for the future. We firmly believe in getting to know your food sources and the people who grow it. This is a very different experience to wandering the fluorescent aisles of heavily packaged and plastic wrapped products. Products, that are usually commercially produced with a range of synthetic ingredients and fresh food grown with toxic chemicals.  

So we were thrilled to be the pick of the bunch in The Dublin Gazette’s Food and Drink section. A newspaper that itself recognises the importance of community and how that will be the future! indeed ( its motto: The Future is Local, The Future is Free). Under the heading ‘Spring for the Best Farmer’s Markets, we are ranked first. The article talks about how Easter is a great time for seasonal produce as well as how getting to know the growers is part of the experience and what separates it from the conventional way to shop.

This is one habit you will never regret forming! A weekly shop at a great organic farmers market is an investment in your health and the long term quality of your life. There is connection and community, live music, getting to know your producers who can advise you on recipes and uses of foods as well as cater to special requests. Whether that’s inexpensive cuts of meats or unusual ones or hard to get ingredients or supplements. We do requests and we also provide bulk orders. If you don’t see anything just ask! But more than this the food is organic and you are supporting as a consumer the planet and sustainability in a vital everyday way. No banners needed or protests just repeated action by you, with your reusable bags and containers week after week. As we said it’s a habit worth forming.