Biodynamic, Organic & Natural Wines

This is the label of an organic wine producer, one of thousands. Whether you want bubbles, pink bubbles, rosé, white or red or whether you fancy trying the soils and vines of Europe or beyond of the New World wines, no matter grape, no matter region – for every average bottle produced commercially (you may as well drink anti-freeze as far as we’re concerned) there are superior chemical free organic and biodynamic ones at very affordable prices and fancier ones if you’re going for something celebratory or occasional. There are producers who believe in attending to their craft and respecting the environment and vine to produce superior wines without pesticides or agrichemicals that many winegrowers will use.



Biodynamic wines are made using organic farming methods that grow, harvest and process the vines and grapes without chemicals or pesticides, respecting the soil as a living and receptive organism. Added to the ecological principles are an emphasis on the spiritual and mystical elements and properties of harnessing nature’s gifts and powers that exceed organic standards – there is an emphasis put on the connectivity of a long-term flourishing and sustainable ecosystem. And times for planting, feeding and harvesting are watched and planned carefully for optimal energy and growth using natural moon cycles and the water tables as well as other natural elements and pure nurture.

Some features of this would be

  • Green harvesting at the beginning of the season to help guide the plants without upsetting their natural growth and balance.
  • Using green manure to cultivate strong vines and to increase microorganisms in the vineyard.
  • Pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers are banned from our vineyard.
  • The harvest is an important matter so this is performed it at night when the temperatures are lower and immediately afterwards, the cold maceration is initiated at 7ºC before fermentation.
  • Natural resources are prized and systems put in place to use them optimally such as water purification to reuse and optimise waste and rainwater.

This often results in wines that are noted for their stronger, clearer, more vibrant tastes and the correct balance of flavour and alcohol content.

Many of these wines are also vegan not using any animal by-products in any process (to filter/refine for example – regularly a cow or sheep/goat derived rennet or bladder skins) which most commercial wines do. So they are animal friendly too! another bonus.

Critics acknowledge the craftsmanship, high quality and better expression of the terroir of these wines, not to mention the very definite health properties when consumed in moderation. These wines are elegant, chemical free, vegan and part of a long and ancient tradition while forward thing in their green lifestyle and sustainability.

Health Benefits

There are also health benefits to wine drank in moderation as part of a healthy diet: A glass-two consumed regularly week to week has been shown to improve, skin, teeth, protect against multiple cancers, reduce liver and diabetes problems it protects eyesight and improves cognitive function it also –

  • It contains antioxidants. …
  • It boosts the immune system. …
  • It increases bone density. …
  • It reduces the risk of stroke. …
  • It reduces the risk of heart disease. …
  • It can lower cholesterol. …
  • It reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

So go organic, biodynamic and natural, make it a prudently consumed pleasure added to and as part of your regular weekly diet and toast your health!