BumbleBee Flower Farm: Wild, organic sustainable beauty.

Mags Riordan, grower, horticulturist and florist makes her wild at heart arrangements

We are delighted to announce that BumbleBee Flower Farm are joining our wonderful organic market. Mags and her daughter Emma Riordan are specialists that will appeal to flower lovers, gourmets, beginners, enthusiasts and the discerning. Horticultural connoisseurs, they are founders of Ireland’s first and only dedicated edible flower farm with a year-round production of gourmet edible flowers.They preside with careful stewardship over a magical oasis of floral abundance, teaming with life and supporting a huge range of flora and fauna. Lovingly cultivating a huge range of unusual seasonal flowers, some rare and even a few heirloom varieties (especially for weddings and events) they place an emphasis and focus on inspirational floral design that is as vogueish as it is authentic. Bumblebee love pushing the boundaries while remaining true to their values of thoughtful and careful stewardship of their land.

Edible Flowers for Health and Beauty

Flowers are practically medicine cabinets containing a host of remedies and nutritional benefits. They have innumerable uses and miraculous health properties. Not forgetting how amazing they look on salads, decorating cakes and dishes. Beautifying your food! From external to internal, they have a host of uses; they can purify the skin, detoxify the system, tone the organs, replenish and supply minerals and vitamins in a highly, bio available form for starters. Ayurvedically they will balance the doshas and if you are a practising yogi then you will know along with honey these are one of the highest prana foods you can take in. They are a spiritual food, and it is no mistake that people who otherwise would think to not eat them, will adorn their celebrations with flowers. But for the uninitiated, think what lavender oil will do for anxiety, stress and acne, chamomile tea also eases stomach problems and insomnia. In fact, Valium the well known (maybe even notorious) sedative and tranquillzer’s active ingredient comes from valerian, a flowering plant you can eat the root, leaves and flower of.

BumbleBees in December. 


The eye must travel. Naturalistic approach and composition. A wreath apart.

Christmas wreaths come in many varieties but none is better or more spectacular than when Nature herself is centre stage and gets to shine, showing off her intrinsic and ineffable essence. No fakery, gone are the spongy oasis and the artifice of natural elements graffitied with metallic sprays, no imported flowers, glitter or hard plastic berries and other abominations. BumbleBee Flower Farm’s seasonal arrangements are natural creations of incredible beauty, craftsmanship and indigenous, organic foliage. Their work is special and they favour a mix of wild and homegrown materials.  Long strands of ivy trail out the ends like a lover’s hair on the pillow, the assorted woven leaves and twigs interweave with baked orange slices and roasted pinecones, showcased with vintage, velvet ribbon, this Christmas wreath is stuffed and abundant with a natural contrast of messiness and symmetry that resembles a wild hedgerow. The beams of gnarled twigs and a little undoneness adding to its unconventional and abundant charm. These are wreaths are statements of inspiration, chicness and sustainability. These are wreaths of heart, personality and love.




We are delighted to announce two Christmas events in Dublin with BumbleBee Farm at the market this December. They will show participants their wreathing methods and skills with a demonstration at the beginning of the month and will hold a workshop the second week of December, all materials supplied, and you will leave with a stunning and unique Christmas wreath for your home or gift for someone who will love it. Better still buy them a ticket so you both get one! Click on the dates below for tickets and more info

A demo on 2nd December with Ruby and Emma from Bumblebee farm & a workshop on 9th December click the links below to get tickets.





Eventbrite - Christmas Wreath Workshop with BumbleBee Farm