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We are The Change You’re looking for

Happy New Everyone! I think we can all agree that there is a huge reassessment of values and power going on in the world right now. While this, in many ways, has always been in the case – we’re constantly evolving right? – it feels tangible in particular and extremely accelerated recently. And there’s some… Read More

XMAS 2023 – OPEN Sat 23rd DEC

OPEN SATURDAY 23rd DEC 9am-3pm Join us SATURDAY 23rd December 9am-3pm for all your Christmas feast and festive foods needs. WE REOPEN SAT JAN 6th 9am. We wish everyone a very happy and Merry Christmas and look forward to an abundant, joyful and empowered 2024! A huge thank you from us for continuing to create happiness and human joy this year… Read More


WE ARE OPEN AGAIN.  via GIPHY It’s been very tough been closed and we are incredibly grateful to be re-open. We are very thankful for your support and need it more than ever now! Spread the word, let’s protect this vital, traditional and long established market and resource from harsh and harmful decisions at this… Read More


Strange times. We’ve been devastated to have to shut at specific periods during the last year but the good news is WE ARE NOW REOPEN!!! The market is outside in the yard and the dry goods grocery shop and refills continues as normal.  We are here to help and are continuing our service online you can order from… Read More