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Homemade Hummus

  Homemade Hummus This Lebanese, vegetarian spread based on chickpeas is very popular. Perfect for some toast, blinis or filling baked potatoes, it is relatively easy to prepare. There is pretty much no substitute for making your own. Fresh peeled garlic when crushed with the flat of a knife releases the oil of the garlic… Read More

Lentils Steak

Lentils Steak You’re wondering what to do with those leftover lentils in the pack. You know the ones, the ones that would just make too much in your last dish so you left them out and know you have that orphan amount sitting there for the last two months that nobody wants – just begging you… Read More

Basic Veggie Burger

Basic Veggie Burger This is the on- hand all- year-round, quick veggie burger mix. Feel free to experiment and use whatever you have on hand. You can make couscous instead of chickpeas and add it to your mix or use any ready-to-go can of lentils or beans. The one thing we recommend is get in… Read More


  Persillade Persillade in its simplest form is a compound of lemon, olive oil, garlic and parsley. However there is a version where you combine coriander and mint with the parsley to produce a wonderfully fragrant and flavoursome sauce that will lift burgers,  especially lamb burgers or dolloped onto kebabs, amazing with fish grilled, baked or… Read More

Easter Sunday Salads

Green Easter Salad This is a very easy, tasty and satisfyingly munchy salad. It is a light, fresh and zingy accompaniment to your Easter lamb with the combination of mint and lemon in the mix. All the fresh produce is available from our organic farmers and we have any of the seeds and oils you… Read More