Christmas Holiday Decorating – We’ve Got you Covered!


Some like it simple some like it OTT whatever you like we have you covered

This Saturday we will have Bumblebee flower farm and the zero waste festival with us to really get you off to the best possible start and buying mindful luxury and everyday habits as well as setting up that good energy for the season ahead and the New Year. Start as you mean to continue and go organic, go native, go sustainable micro-medium economy! Connect with the growers and producers who work in a singular way creating authentic goods that are real luxuries that support not harm our society, our wallet, our conscience, our planet and many other aspects. We get to decide where and how we spend our money and this Christmas it really should be valuable and the best, quality in every way. Make it a SuperChristmas!





A welcoming garland ushers in the cosy sentiments of the season, and the very best use creative varieties of natural, native botanicals and elements married to masterful floristry expertise. You want a wreath that is not only beautiful but sturdy enough to last the season and keep fresh.  Need further convincing? A wreath can serve as a far more unique floral arrangement than any regular ‘ol bouquet. And we are proud to be able to bring you Ireland’s very best this Christmas, nothing regular about these Christmas wreaths and bouquets and it’s not just us that think that! Click the link below to read the write ups!

This Irish farm is making the most beautiful wild flower Christmas wreaths

Consider yourself converted! Holiday decorating is more than just putting up a Christmas tree. And at SuperNatural we show you how to really get your home, your larder and your entertaining ready for the holidays with festive decor accessories for the holiday season from downright showstopping wreaths made of traditional greens that are charming and unique to our simple zero waste decorations workshop and refills for cleaning and sprucing to organic, fresh chestnuts & cranberries plus 100% delicious, organic, chocolates, sauces, dips, breads