Learn-how-to-eat-in-2021-buy-good-organic-ingredients Welcome-in-all-languages-to-all-at-our-market-in-St-Andrew's-Reource-centre-pearse-st-dublin-cityWishing all our customers, New, Returning and Old a very Happy New Year. This is the year above all others to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing. Learning how to eat is directly related to how you shop.

Do you buy for the week? Do you have a week’s worth of recipes, meals and menus in mind when shopping for food? Where do you buy your produce? How healthy is it? Is it all packaged or is it raw, fresh ingredients and necessary cupboard staples and groceries? Is it poisoned with chemicals, preservatives and ripeners or is it freshly harvested and organic? For us what happens in the kitchen then informs what happens in your body, your mood, health and vitality. And what happens in the kitchen depends on what happens with your shopping. And it all starts with going organic and going to your organic farmers’ market.

The best habit you can start this year, that will pay dividends and benefits, for the rest of your life, is a weekly trip to our organic food market to buy a weekly shop. It doesn’t matter whether you live alone or run a large household, the market and the loose produce and products cater for all needs. A weekly shop where you buy ingredients directly off the growers and producers, loose, without packaging, and with advice if you need it is one of the best and most enjoyable investments you’ll ever make!

It is also the single best way to learn how to cook if you’re not in the habit or very good at it already. We’ll let you in on a secret……you don’t need to be a “good cook” when you buy great food. The food tastes amazing and all you really need to do is to slice, grate, chop, combine and sometimes stick things in the oven for a bit and hey presto you have incredibly delicious food that is also top-notch good for you (and slimming we should add – because it’s real and your body knows how to digest it.)

Simple dishes made with proper food eaten every day is The Recipe of life! Take some good carrots and grate them, toast some organic almonds and crush or chop them, squeeze some organic lemons add some organic, virgin, stone pressed olive oil, sprinkle some flaky Maldon sea salt over the lot and hey presto you have the tastiest salad you’ll ever eat, that will accompany an organic roast chicken or a vegetarian pasta or bake! While also being full of antioxidants, Vit C, beta carotene, minerals and vitamins. (The organic chicken is not cruelly raised and full of zinc and protein and collagen for your skin, if you’re a veggie then chickpeas rather than chicken will give you the amino acids you need or a nice wholemeal Spelt pasta paired with a basil or parsley, garlicky pesto will make your immune system sing with anthocyanins, B vitamins and infection-fighting compounds.) Easy recipes can be found for everything on online site likes BBC GOOD FOOD and of course, there are wonderful cookbooks to be collected and treasured as you explore recipes. Another blog of our recommendations soon on that!

Not to mention you are supporting sustainable food practices such as not poisoning and losing topsoil (cannot be replaced once depleted) not poisoning wildlife and beneficial insects. Actively helping to pay for and endorsing short supply chains, micro, family, circular and local economy and actively bolstering food sovereignty and self sufficiently in Ireland. Yes, you have enormous power as the consumer and enormous power as an individual over your health and what is truly healthy and what creates a healthier and better world! Make 2021 the year of being the change in the world you want to see! We’ll see you at the market.