Jan 6th The Epiphany – Feast of The Three Kings

Make 2018 the year you go clean and real. Go organic, support local economy, your environment and your health.

A Very Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome 2018

This Sat Jan 6th we re open and start another year of the organic food market that takes places every week and houses some of Ireland’s finest, dedicated food producers. In addition to all our long standing organic farmers, butcher, fishmonger, baker, delis and wholefoods health food shop, we are delighted to welcome some new additions in the area of authentic Latin American cuisine and ingredients with Colombian producers Mi Pequeña Colombia, The Weed Solution; a speciality hemp producer who sell everything hemp from therapeutic use CBD oil to bags, paper and cosmetics. Hemp has many important qualities and benefits to health. We also have wonderful new zero waste cosmetics stall WolfGarden which will introduce you to healthier beauty in healthier ways alongside a new resident market naturopath who sells herbal tonics and remedies. We can’t wait to share all the health and community buzz with you this year.














Setting Intentions

Setting intentions can change your life. And you can set them at any time but it always feels powerful to start a new year with intention setting – I think intentions rather than resolutions are a more healthful, helpful and powerful way to think about changes, potential, or goals rather than the pressure associated with resolutions, though if you are resolved to do something that is fantastic that you are at that wilful point.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we will keep recreating the same cycles and toxic situations until we actually learn the damn lessons. So if you haven’t taken some quiet time to write and reflect on 2017 and set some concrete goals for 2018… it’s not too late. It’s always helpful to spend some time alone and take accountability and allow yourself see your own heart’s desires and or really listen to the lessons  (don’t shy away the harsher the lesson the more you have to gain!)  for they are the teachers, the coaches, and motivators – they happen so they can help, heal and support you!

On Saturday I am hosting a small meet up for anyone who would like to come and explore how to effectively set intentions and get the habit of envisioning your goals started.

Go Organic for 2018

One thing that will help heal and support you on your life’s journey is eating right and that means organic. You cannot nourish yourself truly by eating food grown with toxic agrichemicals that destroy the soil – a precious resource that cannot be replaced once depleted, and destroy your health. The change this will bring into your life is extraordinary. You don’t need to do anything the purity and goodness of this food bought directly from the people who produce it will work its own magic on you. I promise.

When you buy direct you are supporting small business, families, and know where your food comes from. You are also supporting the environment and your health and your budget. Organic is very affordable and good value bought directly from the producers. It is tastier, fresher and higher in antioxidants and omega 3’s as well as the most importantly what is not in it!! Make the change this year and see the change it makes in your life, your energy, your mindset and your pleasure of good food. This would be a wonderful goal – a weekly shop once a week at our market. A habit that will flourish in everyway for you.

The Epiphany Jan 6th

And talking of epiphanies this Saturday is the feast of The Epiphany, the visit of the three kings known as the journey and adoration of the magi to the Christ child king.  It is a much-celebrated feast in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Parts of Canada and New Orleans. It was a feast celebrated in my family from having lived in Spain and other parts of the world for many years and my own son is named after one of the kings; the three being Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar.  We are celebrating it at SuperNatural when we reopen and all are welcome to taste the wonderful king cake of Mi Pequeña Colombia and invite the wisdom and magic of the feast day into their life for the year ahead!

SuperNatural Organic Food Market celebrates Journey, intuition, wisdom, sovereignty & magic on January 6th with the feast of The Magi, The Three Kings Caspar, Balthazar & Melchior and The Epiphany.

King Cake is a popular food item during the Christmas season (Christmas Eve to Epiphany) in Belgium, France, Quebec and Switzerland (galette or gâteau des Rois or galette des rois), Portugal (bolo rei), Spain and Latin America (roscón or rosca de reyes) and, Greece and Cyprus (vasilopita) and Bulgaria (banitsa). In the United States, Carnival is traditionally observed in the Southeastern region of the country, particularly in New Orleans, Bay Saint Louis, Mobile, Pensacola, Galveston, and other towns and cities of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
In these regions, the king cake is closely associated with Mardi Gras traditions and is served throughout the Carnival season, which lasts from Epiphany Eve to Fat Tuesday. The King Cake tradition is thought to have been brought to New Orleans from France in 1870. Now, as part of the celebration, it is traditional to bake a cake (King Cake) in honour of the three kings. The official colours of Mardi Gras – created in 1872 by the Krewe of Rex – are purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power.
Related culinary traditions are the tortell of Catalonia, the gâteau des Rois or reiaume in Provence or the galette des Rois in the northern half of France, bolo rei of Portugal, and the Greek and Cypriot vasilopita. The galette des Rois is made with puff pastry and frangipane (while the gâteau des Rois is made with brioche and candied fruits). A little bean was traditionally hidden in it, a custom taken from the Saturnalia in the Roman Empire: the one who stumbled upon the bean was called “king of the feast.” In the galette des Rois, since 1870 the beans have been replaced first by porcelain and now by plastic figurines.
Samuel Pepys recorded a party in London on Epiphany night, 6 January 1659/1660, and described the role the cake played in the choosing of a “King” and “Queen” for the occasion: “…to my cousin Stradwick, where, after a good supper, there being there my father, mothers, brothers, and sister, my cousin Scott and his wife, Mr. Drawwater and his wife, and her brother, Mr. Stradwick, we had a brave cake brought us, and in the choosing, Pall was Queen and Mr. Stradwick was King. After that my wife and I bid adieu and came home, it being still a great frost.” The choosing of King and Queen from the pie, usually by the inclusion of a bean and a pea, was a traditional English Twelfth Night festivity. The cake was called a “Twelfth Cake”, “Twelfth-night cake”, or “Twelfth-tide cake”.
 Here’s a recipe from Trish Deseine’s French Kitchen cookbook if you would like to make your own as they say in France, “Nothing tastes as good as the one you make.”
Here’s to a year of wisdom, magic, intuition, journey and thankfulness. Wishing every blessing in 2018.