Persillade in its simplest form is a compound of lemon, olive oil, garlic and parsley. However there is a version where you combine coriander and mint with the parsley to produce a wonderfully fragrant and flavoursome sauce that will lift burgers,  especially lamb burgers or dolloped onto kebabs, amazing with fish grilled, baked or barbequed and great garnished onto soups or a summery pesto for pasta or salads.



  1. Use scissors to cut off herbs’ leaves from stems into food processor bowl. Add salt and black pepper to taste. Squeeze juice of fresh lemon or bottled fresh lemon juice (handy standby to have in fridge) to leaves and seasoning.
  2. With flat side of sharp knife, press down on whole peeled garlic cloves to crush and split them open. This releases the oil and flavour of the garlic in a way that simply cutting them does not. Add to mix in processor. Turn on
  3. Add olive oil as mix is chopped and blended until you have a sauce that is not too runny but not dry and sticky either. It can be a pesto texture or a little more oily if you like. Put in serving dish and also keep in good airtight kilner jar in fridge