Summer Lovin’

Our recipes are news!

We’ve been writing the recipe page in the local paper for the last few issues now and thought it was high time we added them to the site for all our SuperFoodies who enjoy cooking and baking with the amazing organic ingredients and produce they buy at the weekly market or online.

Generally, our rule of thumb is ‘buy the best and do fairly little to it’ the finest ingredients, simply prepared, speak for themselves but when it comes to cakes or getting inventive – well you can probably never do too much! Experimenting with methods of cooking or combinations of flavours is one of the great pastimes and joys of cooking. At the time of press the Royal wedding was on and we featured a captivating spelt cake from The Violet Bakery Cookbook whose author is baker Claire Ptak, creator of Harry and Meghan’s mouthwatering cake which we rhapsodised over here.

We also love summer for the array of delicious greens and salads to be enjoyed and the fact that al fresco eating is possible and so far, so warm for Ireland. So there is also a lovely recipe for a charred greens salad and we’ve been doing just that having coffee in the mornings while picking raspberries straight off our garden bushes and sitting out long into the evening, most nights, lingering over dinners and suppers amid candles and the still calm. Make the most of it and utilise that balcony, friend’s garden or the park for a picnic. You can pick up everything you need with us including the recipes! And the best ways to enjoy it.