Taste with Gusto

Originally hailing from Puglia in Southern Italy & owner of a thriving food business in Verona, Franco spotted a niche in the Irish market whilst visiting family in Dublin.

He realized the potential of bringing his products directly to the Irish consumers, cutting out the middle man and offering the best in quality & artisan food from southern Italy. After talking to several people whilst shopping in local markets he was convinced that there was a good opportunity to import high quality products directly to Ireland.

Franco recalls “I remember everybody asking “why is Italian food so good in Italy?” or wondering “what is the secret of making a succulent tomato sauce”? My simple answer was “use seasonal and local quality ingredients!” that answer marked the beginning of his successful business love affair with Ireland, with the founding of “Taste with Gusto” in 2005. That answer still rings true today and drives Franco’s ambition to bring excellent food products here. His motto is: “unless you can fly there, I can bring it to your table!”