Uncle Aidan’s Authentic Stone Ground Flour

Final_Uncle_AidansUncle Aidan’s Authentic Stone Ground Flour is ground at Ballyminane Mills, an authentic water mill located in Ballindaggin, Co. Wexford.

This family owned mill is powered by the Urrin River and dates back to the early 1800’s. Operations at the mill continue in the traditional way.

The wheat used for Uncle Aidan’s Flour is sourced locally from Ballyhamilton Farms and is ground slowly between rotating French burr stones.

In using French burr stones, the authentic flavour of the flour is preserved, and that’s what makes Uncle Aidan’s Authentic Stone Ground Flour the very best around!


Nutritional Information

The traditional stone grinding process used to create Uncle Aidan’s Flour, ensures that the wheat germ produced remains intact and that all necessary nutrients are retained.

Research has shown that stone-ground flour can be especially effective for:

High fibre diets

Low glycaemic index diets.

Nutritional value of Uncle Aidan’s Authentic Stone Ground Flour:

Values Per 100g

Carbohydrates 75.3gr

Energy 15.10 KJ

Energy 355 Kcal

Fibre 6.7g

Fat 1.8g

Protein 10.4g

Salt <0.1gr