We are The Change You’re looking for

Happy New Everyone!

I think we can all agree that there is a huge reassessment of values and power going on in the world right now. While this, in many ways, has always been in the case – we’re constantly evolving right? – it feels tangible in particular and extremely accelerated recently. And there’s some definite choices to be made.

As always you’re in charge of you and can effect great changes with choices you make that you’re in control of.

So do you want to eat real food? Food without chemicals, neurotoxins, additives, preservatives, packaging, waxes, sprays etc. Do you want to give your money to those who grow and provide that food in a real, wholesome and healthy and protective way? Food grown with love and awareness and given with love and awareness that nourishes and nurtures you? Do you want to be able to get all you need in one place? One trip? Do you want more time, more pleasure, more relaxation when you do these vital but also enjoyable necessities? Do you want to bring your children or dogs or enjoy a space they can interact and play? Do you want community? Shop with your neighbours or meet new friends? Or simply a lovely space where you’re welcome to have a coffee, sit alone, read the newspaper (or not!)? Do you want a place where all are welcome and no one is censored or judged. Do you want to make a change to the way you shop, live, eat, interact, or maybe continue this good habit,  or bring more people on the journey with you? Then we’re the good space, the good place, the good habit, the change you’re looking for. Welcome to 2024 and The Market.